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More commonly known as a “tummy tuck”, an Abdominoplasty is a cosmetic surgical procedure designed to enhance and improve the shape of the area around the abdomen (tummy). During times of quick and sudden weight loss, which could be as a result of exercise, post-pregnancy or medical reasons, you can be left with less than flattering excess skin. Unfortunately, this skin cannot be removed through exercise alone in the same way that most fat can, which is why a lot of patients seek cosmetic solutions. Excess skin like this not only has a physical impact, but also a mental one, causing embarrassment and anxiety for a lot of sufferers. An abdominoplasty offers a solution that resolves the problem and restores lost confidence for a happier, healthier lifestyle.


The aim of the surgery is to remove this excess skin, as well as any excess fat while tightening the abdominal muscles for a more toned, contoured appearance. Depending on your wants and needs, there are two types of procedure, both of which are usually performed under general anaesthetic. A partial abdominoplasty involves removing excess fat and skin via a large incision made along the lower tummy, before stitching the remaining skin together. On the other hand, a full abdominoplasty is more invasive, where a larger incision is made just above the pubic area, as well as a second incision made to free the belly button from the surrounding tissue. From here, Mr Pabari will remove excess fat and skin, reposition the belly button and realign the abdominal muscles before stitching the remaining skin together.

Depending on the type of tummy tuck you opt for, your procedure could take anywhere between two and five hours.

As it can take a number of weeks to fully recovery from such an invasive procedure, your won’t be able to experience the full effect of your results until you have fully healed, however there will obviously be noticeable physical changes instantly post-procedure.

An abdominoplasty offers permanent results providing you ensure to follow a strict aftercare regime and maintain a healthy weight through proper diet and exercise.

You need to be prepared to live with the subsequent scarring across your tummy and potentially around your belly button, although this will be as minimal as possible. Initially, it might feel tight and uncomfortable to stand up straight, but this will improve over time. It is inevitable that you will also experience slight swelling, bruising and soreness, with potential numbness within your tummy, which could last anywhere between a few months to a few years.

Surgical procedures like this, cosmetic or otherwise, carry multiple risks. As well as the obvious bleeding, infection and allergic reaction, patients run the risk of unsightly scarring, bulges under the skin, excess fluid, breathing problems, haematoma, numbness, cramps and pain. While you need to be aware of the risks, don’t let them worry you as an experienced and highly trained surgeon like Mr Amit Pabari has the skills and the knowledge to perform such an intricate procedure to a very high standard with incredible results. Should you have any concerns that are playing on your mind, don’t hesitate to share them during your consultation and we’ll be happy to put your mind at rest.

Most patients are initially required to remain in hospital for a number of nights so that we can monitor your progress. Upon your discharge, dressings and a pressure garment are usually applied to the treatment area to help with the healing process. This garment is to be worn throughout your recovery to reduce swelling and encourage proper healing. Should you experience any pain, pain relief will be prescribed, while work and exercise is to be avoided for 4 to 6 weeks, as is driving. Within the first 2 weeks post-surgery, you will be required to attend a check up to assess your progress, during which any remaining stitches would be removed. After 6 weeks, you should have no problem in resuming your day-to-day activities and removing your compression garment.

If you suffer with excess skin around the abdomen for whatever reason, this procedure might be ideal for you, especially if your appearance is having an adverse effect on your mental wellbeing. With that said, an abdominoplasty is not at all a suitable substitute for healthy and appropriate weight loss. If you are overweight, we recommend a commitment to diet and exercise in an attempt to achieve your weight and body goals.

The price of an abdominoplasty at The Pabari Clinic varies depending on whether you choose to have a full or a partial procedure. An exact price being determined following your consultation.

Had my tummy tuck with Mr Pabari 6 weeks ago. I am so pleased with the outcome of the surgery. Mr Pabari listened to my concerns, gave me all the available options. He has excellent bed side manner. Thank you once again for a lovely result.

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