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Time really takes its toll on your skin, especially the gentle, delicate skin around your face. The gradual loss of collagen and elastin within the skin often lead to signs of premature ageing, such as volume loss, sagging, fine lines and wrinkles. These proteins are the fundamental components of healthy, youthful skin, and when we start to visibly age in this way, we often suffer a knock to our self-esteem and confidence. With an abundance of “anti-ageing” products on the market, a lot of patients spend an unnecessary amount of time and money trying to find an over-the-counter solution which unlikely exists. Instead, seek highly advanced, expert surgical treatment at The Pabari Clinic with a facelift. While this might seem like a daunting step to take for many people, it is a sure way to guarantee the results you desire, and any concerns you might have will soon disappear when you meet our expert team, led by Mr Amit Pabari.


Also known as a ‘Rhytidectomy’, your facelift at our clinic would involve making incisions where necessary in order to remove excess skin before pulling the remaining skin back and stitching it back together. Your procedure will be intricately personalised and tailored to meet your needs, taking into consideration all aspects of your ageing concerns and your unique facial structure. Sometimes fat and facial tissue will need to be redistributed during surgery to allow for the best possible results. There are many varying types of facelift procedure, all of which Mr Pabari will discuss and explain in depth during your consultation, before determining the best course of action specifically for you. In most cases, bandages are initially applied to minimise swelling and bruising post-procedure.

This is a rather intricate, complex procedure that usually lasts up to 3 hours, with a compulsory overnight hospital stay afterwards.

Changes to your face are immediately apparent, although you will not be able to benefit from the results of your procedure until your face has healed and side effects have subsided. This could take around 6-9 months, so be prepared to be patient.

The results of your facelift will be permanent, although you should expect the effects of ageing to continue to change your face in years to come. Providing you implement efficient aftercare and an effective skincare routine, there is no reason why you shouldn’t be able to enjoy the results of your procedure for years to come. As your face ages, you may find that you would benefit from further treatment further down the line.

Following a facelift procedure, most patients tend to experience minimal scarring, as well as temporary bruising, numbness stiffness and puffiness for up to a few weeks or month. There is also the potential risk of a raised hairline due to the nature of the incisions and the the surgical techniques used.

There are small risks associated with any type of surgical procedure, including excessive bleeding, blood clotting, infection and allergic reaction. With this type of procedure in particular, there is a very small chance of thick, unsightly scarring, a reduction or complete loss in hair growth, nerve injury, haematoma, and uneven facial features. All of the above risks are rare, especially when you consult with the Pabari Clinic team. Renowned cosmetic surgeon, Mr Amit Pabari, manages an expert team and ensures only the highest level of care through the most advanced surgical techniques.

As you begin to recover over the course of 2–4 weeks, you need to take this time away from work so that you can rest properly at home. Driving should also be avoided for at least the first few days, as well as showering so as not to get your bandages wet and interrupt the initial healing processes. Saunas, massages and particularly strenuous activities should also be avoided for at least 2 weeks post-procedure. Keeping your head propped upright can help ease any swelling within the first few days. After a week you would return to have your stitches removed, while all side effects are expected to subside over the course 2 or 3 weeks.

Only following a thorough consultation and an in depth consideration on your part would we allow you to move forward with a facelift procedure at The Pabari Clinic in Maidenhead. It is important that your expectations from this type of surgery are realistic. The ideal candidate would be in good health, with healthy bone structure and presenting the signs of premature ageing throughout the face. Gaining or losing weight post-surgery could have an effect on your results, which is why it is best if you are at your ideal weight beforehand.

A face lift is a very versatile procedure that is unique to each patient. The details of your bespoke treatment plan will have an affect on the cost of your procedure.

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