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Ear correction surgery is a cosmetic surgical procedure whereby the size and shape of the ears can be altered, or alternatively they can be pinned back if the patient feels they stick out rather prominently. Professionally known as pinnaplasty or otoplasty, this procedure is safe for both adults and children, although it is more commonly performed in children. With that said, children under 5 are usually refused treatment as their ears are still growing and forming. The size, shape and prominence of the ears is a rather major concern for many people, often having an impact on their self-confidence and mental wellbeing. A procedure such as this is a safe and effective solution that can completely reframe your face to suit your wants and needs.


The procedure itself can vary slightly depending on the individual concerns you aim to address, but in general they are all fairly standard and straightforward. We perform pinnaplasty under local anaesthetic, meaning that patients are safe to return home without the need for an overnight hospital stay. First we begin by making a small incision behind the ear to expose the cartilage beneath. Small pieces can then be removed if necessary, before the remaining structure is then scored and stitched into the desired position and shape.

Pinnaplasty surgery should last no longer than one or two hours, with the length varying depending on the extent of the procedure.

The results of your procedure will be visible immediately post-surgery, although the ears will look a little inflamed and bruised to begin with. The full effect of the results will be visible once the side effects have worn off.

This is a permanent procedure, meaning that the results are life-long. This is a rather big decision and investment to make, which is why the consultation process is so important. Be sure to discuss your concerns, as well as your desires and expectation in full with Mr Amit Pabari so that he can best advise you moving forward. In any case, we would never recommend a treatment that we didn’t believe would be 100% beneficial for the patient.

The general side effects have been touched upon above, including swelling and bruising, as well as redness, slight pain, numbness, and minor scarring behind the ear. Other than the scarring, these side effects will diminish as you heal, and any scarring will be minimal.

Every surgical procedure carries risks with it, whether it is for cosmetic or medical purposes, the most common of which being excessive bleeding, infection and allergic reaction. In terms of pinnaplasty surgery in particular, there is the occasional risk of cartilage inflammation, temporary stiffness, blood clotting, asymmetrical results, and potentially unsuccessful surgery altogether. In very rare cases where the ears are pinned back, they can in fact start to protrude again over time. All of the risks mentioned above will be discussed in more depth during your consultation at The Pabari Clinic, during which time you should be sure to ask any questions you might have so as to put your mind at rest. Risks such as this are very few and far between, and are even further minimised when you are in the hands of a capable and highly experienced surgeon such as Mr Pabari.

In most cases, you are free to return home the same day, providing you follow a strict aftercare regime. Often we initially apply a bandage to the head to protect the ears from infection for the first few days after your surgery, which is then removed, along with any stitching, within 5 – 10 days. During this time, you will be unable to wash your hair. If your stitches happen to come to the surface of the skin, you might feel some slight tenderness, which, along with an pain experienced, can be managed with prescribed pain relief. Wearing a headband at night to protect your ears as they heal over the course of several weeks is usually recommended, as is taking time out of work and school while side effects such as bruising and swelling subside. However, this is only really necessary more so for children than adults. Contact sports and swimming should be avoided for 8–10 weeks to avoid injury and infection.

Pinnaplasty is suitable for patients experiencing displeasure in the appearance of their ears, whether that regards the size, shape or prominence, and especially if this is having an adverse effect on your happiness. However, children under 5 are not suitable as their ears may still be developing at this stage.

Again, the cost of this surgery would vary depending on wants and needs of the patient and the concerns being addressed. A definite figure will be confirmed following your consultation at The Pabari Clinic.

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