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Breast Reduction

Breasts come in all shapes and sizes, and no two women have the same experience. While some women seek to increase the size of their breasts, other women may naturally possess very a very large bosom, too large in some cases. Overly large breasts can often become a source of embarrassment for the individual, especially if they aren’t in proportion with the rest of the body. It goes without saying that bigger breasts are also heavier, which can put pressure and strain on the rest of the body, particularly the neck and the back. Therefore, some women seek cosmetic breast reduction to reduce the size and weight of their breasts, either solely based on their appearance or as a need in terms of health and wellbeing.

breast reduction

If you seek this type of treatment to benefit your health, there may be some options available to you on the NHS. Patients basing this decision purely for cosmetic reasons would need to pay for it themselves, and we offer highly competitive prices here at The Pabari Clinic. Your procedure involves making small incisions under general anaesthetic in order to remove excess skin, glandular tissue and fat before reshaping the main breast tissue and repositioning the nipples. Everything is safely stitched and dressed upon completion of your surgery, which can also offer a slight lift to the breasts as well.

Depending on the extent of your particular procedure, some patients require as little as 90 minutes for a full operation, whereas others may need up to 4 hours. You will develop a better idea of your procedure time following your consultation and assessment with Dr Pabari.

A breast reduction immediately alters the appearance of your breasts, although it will take a few weeks to see the full outcome as you heal and the side effects subside.

Your results are permanent, although weight gain and pregnancy can have an affect. This is something to consider prior to your surgery, with many women choosing to have children first. Providing you maintain a healthy weight post-surgery, there is no reason why you can’t enjoy the results of your breast reduction for years to come.

Invasive procedures like this run the risk of permanent scarring, although this should be very minimal. Not only that, but you will experience slight swelling, bruising and soreness for a few weeks post-surgery as your breasts heal.

There are numerous risks involved with breast reduction surgery that you need to bare in mind, as with any surgical procedure. In general, excessive bleeding, blood clots, infection and allergic reaction are all concerns, although rare. With this type of procedure in particular, there have been known instances of severe scarring, excess skin around the scars, misshapen breasts, fat necrosis, haematoma, and a loss of sensation in the nipples. Sometimes, patients are also unable to breastfeed post-surgery, another reason why a lot of women choose to have children beforehand. Don’t fret, though, you are the capable hands of Mr Pabari when you choose The Pabari Clinic, and risks are therefore minimised.

A 1 or 2 night hospital stay is a regular occurrence so that your progress can be monitored, after which you will be allowed to return her to rest, taking at least a week or so away from work and driving. Any dressings, drains and stitches are usually removed within 2 weeks, while strenuous activities should be avoided for up to 6 weeks. It is a good idea to wear a support bra on a daily basis as your breasts heal over the course of a few months.

As mentioned above, this procedure is ideal for women looking to reduce the size and weight of their breast for either cosmetic or medical reasons. However, women who are hoping to have children in the future should consider this decision extra carefully as there is a chance that pregnancy will affect the results of their surgery, not to mention the risk that breast reduction can hinder your ability to breastfeed. During your consultation, Mr Pabari will fully assess your suitability for this type of procedure taking into consideration all aspects of your health and wellbeing as well as your wants and desires.

Each procedure is different from the last, which has an affect on the total cost. The size of your breasts and the extent of your procedure will have an impact, which is why it is impossible to give you an exact price at this point. A final cost will be confirmed following your consultation with Mr Pabari in Maidenhead.

I am delighted with the outcome of my breast reduction surgery. Its been 3 months now and all my scars are healing beautifully. Thank you Dr Amit a fantastic result. I would also like to thank Dr Amit’s entire team and big thanks to his PAs – Christina and Barry, for making this journey very smooth for me.

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