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Cosmetic Mole Removal

It is not at all unusual for many of us to be born with moles, which are small, pigmented lesions on the skin that vary in shape, size and colour. Some are flat against the skin, whereas others are raised, and in fact the average adult is thought to have between 10 and 40 moles on their body. They can be singular or clustered, textured or smooth, hairy or hairless. Most moles pose no threat to your overall health, although it is important to regularly check your moles for any noticeable sudden changes as this could be an indicator of melanoma (skin cancer), however, sometimes they might be unsightly. We’re sure there is a mole or two that all of us wish you could get rid of should we have the chance, and with our help of us here at The Pabari Clinic – you can do just that.

Cosmetic Mole Removal

Mr Amit Pabari will always conduct a thorough mole assessment prior to treatment in order to ensure that yours is benign. This is a crucial part of the consultation process, during which we will listen attentively to your desires and expectations so that a bespoke treatment plan can be formulated to suit your needs and offer the best possible results. We favour surgical excision for the removal of most moles, which involves cutting the mole away from the skin and sealing the wind with simple stitching, in most instances. Larger moles obviously leave larger wounds, which may need to be closed via a skin graft or a local flap, but this will be determined prior to your surgery.

Most surgical mole excisions are completed under local anaesthetic within half an hour as this is a very routine procedure for our expert team.

Mole excision eliminates the mole within one treatment, offering immediate results. As the remaining wound heals over the coming weeks and months, you can expect very minor scarring and skin that is visibly clearer and blemish-free.

The results of your treatment are permanent. However, new moles are known to form anywhere on the body at any given point, and further treatment can be scheduled if necessary.

You may notice some slight swelling, bruising, redness and discomfort, all of which should last no longer than a few days post-surgery. If you need to relieve any pain, be sure to use pain relief that has been prescribed or recommended by your surgeon.

The risks of minor surgery like this are very minimal, although any procedure like this can lead to blood clots or excessive bleeding, as well as infection or allergic reaction. Other than that, rare cases of severe scarring have been known, as well as increased sensitivity around the treatment area. Mr Amit Pabari is a leading cosmetic surgeon that draws upon years of training and experience in order to provide the highest standard of treatment and care, taking every precaution to ensure a successful result with limited complications.

There is no downtime required, meaning that you can comfortably return to work and your daily routine without hesitation. To minimise the chance of infection, it is important to keep your wound clean and not aggravate it as it heals. Any stitches will be removed, usually within a week of your surgery. The wound itself will take a few weeks or months to fully heal, after which you will be able to see the full effects of your surgery.

In many cases, unsightly moles are a rather embarrassing inconvenience to live with, especially when they are more visible or prominent. This can have an adverse effect on your mental wellbeing, in which case cosmetic mole removal would prove to be a very suitable solution. Regardless of whether your mole is having significant impact on your happiness, or you’d just rather it wasn’t there, there is no reason why you shouldn’t pursue treatment for clearer, beautiful skin. Depending on the type of mole and whether or not it is found to be cancerous, other treatment options may be better suited and this will be explored should the need arise.

Aspects such the size of your mole, as well as the site of your mole can have implications on the total cost of your surgery, all of which will be discussed with you during your consultation at The Pabari Clinic. Before going ahead with your surgical mole excision, we will provide you with a full quotation so that you know what to expect.

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