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Thread Lift

Have you always craved the anti-ageing results of a light face lift without having to undergo extensive surgery? Surgery is a word that often conjures up feelings of fear and reluctance for many patients, and although our highly trained and experienced team of experts offer nothing short of the most advanced surgical techniques and results, we can understand why you might prefer to opt for a more non-invasive solution to your concerns. Luckily, we also specialise in a number of non-surgical procedures, including the brand new thread lift facial rejuvenation technique! This innovative alternative to more traditional facelift methods offers natural-looking anti-ageing benefits for skin that is suffering with fine lines and volume loss.

Thread Lifts

This versatile treatment involves the insertion of fine polydioxanone threads beneath the skin, which is the same material that is used to make medical stitching. Therefore, the threads will be naturally absorbed into the body over time. By applying gentle pressure, we can achieve a subtle lift to the skin that is almost instantly noticeable, with the threads acting as a sort of scaffolding while also encouraging the production of new and healthy collagen. Collagen proteins are one of the fundamental building blocks for healthy, youthful skin, allowing for long-term rejuvenation even after the threads have dissolved.

In general, most procedures of this type could take anywhere between 45 to 90 minutes depending on the size of the treatment area. If you are looking to schedule consultation and treatment within the same day, you should also allow at least 30 minutes for your consultation.

You will see a noticeable difference immediately post-treatment with your results only continuing to improve in the coming weeks and months.

Most patients find that the results of a thread lift can last up to 18 months, much longer than similar minimally-invasive treatments of this nature.

It is likely that you will experience some slight redness, swelling and tenderness around the treatment area initially, but this should subside within a day or two.

All treatments, whether surgical or non-surgical, carry certain risks and complications, such as infection and scarring, although these are very few and far between. Our team of experts possess years of training and experience, offering the highest quality of treatment and care. The material used within the threads have been used in medicine for many years, so you can rest-assured in the safety and quality of your treatment at the Pabari Clinic.

While there is no significant downtime involved with a thread lift, it’s important not to agitate the treatment area for the first 2 or 3 weeks to avoid interrupting the healing process and unsettling the threads. We advise that you avoid the use of makeup and face creams for 2 days after your treatment, and don’t wash your face for the first 12 hours. We will go through the aftercare process in more depth after your treatment.

This type of treatment is ideal for patients looking to reverse the signs of premature ageing without having to undergo invasive surgical procedures. Thread lifts are great for subtly minimising fine lines, while revolumising deflated, sagging skin. Those looking for a more significant change to their appearance should perhaps consider other options, all of which can be discussed during your consultation.

A full quotation will be determined following your consultation at the Pabari Clinic.

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